MWEB will refund any tax exempt customer the exact tax amount charged on the order. You can contact MWEB here, request the refund, and MWEB will reach out to you for tax exempt documentation.

All orders ship from our warehouse at 2207 Lake St, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

MWEB's average turnaround on all orders is from 2 to 15 calendar days.

To receive status of your order, please reach out to Customer Service on our contact form.

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Product availability varies from day to day. To get an accurate number for inventory please contact Customer Service through MWEB's contact form.

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All prices for each product are available on the listing of said product on MWEB"s website:

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If the product arrived damaged or with missing parts, please contact Customer Service. MWEB will determine if a replacement part or replacement product is needed. All MWEB products have a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

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Instructions can be found below:


MWEB requires pre-payment until credit has been established.

MWEB accepts credit card payments, the below ten payment methods (in footer) are accepted.
Payment can be placed via MWEBMI.com or by calling (269) 383-0713.