The underside view of a charcoal table.

Staging Encourages Sales

A well crafted presentation can be instrumental in driving sales. Direct interaction with products can prove influential in aiding customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

To request a display kit, complete the below form. Include the shipping address and the purpose for requesting the display kit.

Display Kit Request Form

Please note: Only the following NSN's are available for display kit requests:
7195-01-618-3864, 7110-01-702-6954, 7110-01-702-6953, 7110-01-702-6955, 7110-01-702-6956,
7110-01-702-6957, 7195-01-618-3867, 7110-01-702-5673, 7105-01-576-6177, and 7105-01-697-6843.

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