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Public Policy

Advocacy informs legislators of Blind community needs
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Blind Worker Support

People who are blind add value to the workforce

Public Policy

Advocacy is using a united voice to urge elected policymakers to create opportunities for the millions of visually impaired Americans who are not currently part of the workforce.

Public policy plays a crucial role in examining federal policies and laws that affect individuals who are blind, as well as the AbilityOne Program. This includes federal procurement, expenditure, and the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Rep. Fred Upton (pictured right)

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Working to Save Jobs

By engaging with legislators and their staff members both in Capitol Hill and within their local districts and states, Advocates foster strong relationships with elected officials to advance the common goal of employing people who are blind, and enhance opportunities for individuals who are blind.

Through advocacy efforts, legislators are informed about the needs of their constituents, specifically people who are visually impaired. People who are blind or visually impaired are urged to become advocates, as who better to share daily trials and tribulations.

Sen. Gary Peters (pictured left)

Michigan Champions

An AbilityOne Champion is a federal policymaker who has been elected and shown advocacy for the AbilityOne Program and associated community-based nonprofit organizations within their district or state. They support initiatives that improve opportunities for economic and personal independence for individuals who are blind or have severe disabilities.

MWEB is fortunate to exist in the state of Michigan, as many of our legislators are AbilityOne Champions:

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (pictured right), Rep. Jack Bergman, Rep. John Moolenaar, Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Tim Walberg

NIB Public Policy

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