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Employee Focus: Patty

Patty is why we exist.  At MidWest Enterprises for the Blind we believe in the inherent value of all people, specifically people who are blind.  Patty has had a long and rich tenure at here, earning employee of the year not once, but twice.  She’s excited to share some her story with you:


  1. How did you get connected to MWEB?  I was born and raised in Kalamazoo and lost my sight as a teenager.  As an adult, my life was filled with the joy of being a mother. I’ve got two great kids, and now I’m a grandmother.  When the nest became empty, I needed work.  A friend recommended me to check out the company and I’ve been here for 19 years.  Next year is my 20th anniversary!  It’s amazing to be at a place for this long that I love this much.


  1. What is it that you love about working here? I think all of the people I work with are great from top management to production, the warehouse, and the front office.  When you’re here as long as I have been, you get to know everyone.  We get the job done when it needs to be done, we work hard, and we have fun (and a nice paycheck doesn’t hurt!)  I really like having the ability to take care of myself and have spending money. 



  1. When you think about 19 years here, what sticks out to you about the company? We’ve gone from simple assembly, like ink pens, to complicated assembly with the furniture that we produce now.  The fact that we can do as much as we do; furniture, kitting, packaging and more is amazing to me.  What I’m doing now is so rewarding.


  1. What would life be like for you without MWEB? Boring and way too much house work!  I want to work.  I’m not good at sitting still, I need something to do and I need a way to earn a living.  Not only has working here filled a void in my life after my children left home, but earning my paycheck rewarded me with a new sense of independence and doubled my self-confidence. I love working here at Midwest Enterprises for the Blind.

MidWest Enterprises for the Blind specializes in subcontracting, throughput reduction, lead time reduction, and cost reduction.  Our specialties include kitting, packaging, assembly, warehousing and distribution.  We are a 501C3 (Not for Profit Organization) and by partnering with us companies add value to the community by providing labor hours for people who are blind.  Similar companies in our field include MRC Industries and Goodwill. 

We do all of this with our up to date ISO 2015 Certification.