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Special Tribute: 25th Anniversary

On August 22, 2018 MidWest Enterprises for the Blind was honored for 25 years in business with a Special Tribute from the Michigan State 99th Legislature.  Members from both sides of the political aisle came together to acknowledge the work that has been done, the lives that have been changed, and the positive impact that MWEB has had on the community.  The full text of the Special Tribute is below:

"LET IT BE KNOWN, That it is with deep gratitude for its service to Kalamazoo that we honor MidWest Enterprises for the Blind on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary.  For twenty five years, MidWest Enterprises for the Blind (MWEB) has been committed to providing employment opportunities to blind and visually impaired individuals in the community.  MWEB provides jobs and hands-on training to these individuals so that they can become economically independent and be prepared for future career possibilities.  MWEB has created a work environment that focuses on teamwork, support, and creative approaches to any challenges working individuals may face.  

MidWest Enterprises for the Blind is a nonprofit, full-service assembly, warehousing, and distribution facility.  MWEB creates a range of high quality products for government and commercial use by using the latest technology and a proficiently trained and dedicated workforce.  As a participant in the AbilityOne Program, MidWest Enterprises for the Blind is able to sell its products through the federal government marketplace.  With the revenue generated from sales, MWEB is able to remain self-supported and keep its focus on the people the organization trains and employs.  

 MidWest Enterprises for the Blind is unique to Michigan and a wonderful asset to the Kalamazoo community.  MWEB got its start in Kalamazoo after it was determined that there was a large population of individuals in Kalamazoo who were legally blind and in need of jobs.  There were also distinct resources in the area, including Western Michigan University's successful blind rehabilitation program.  Throughout the years, MidWest Enterprises for the Blind has grown and expanded by relocating buildings, employing more people and creating more products.  With exemplary service and a true compassion for people, MWEB continues to go above and beyond its mission to provide employment and training opportunities for blind and visually impaired individuals.  It is no surprise that MWEB consistently has a waiting list of people who would like to work for this exceptional organization.  

IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, Therefore, we present this special recognition to MidWest Enterprises for the Blind as they celebrate this exciting milestone.  Thank you for creating an environment of inspiration, opportunity, and inclusion for your employees."

Signed by:

Jon Hoadley, State Representative The Sixtieth District; Margaret O'Brien, State Senator The Twentieth District

Brian Calley, Lieutenant Governor; Rick Snyder, Governor


MidWest Enterprises for the Blind specializes in subcontracting, throughput reduction, lead time reduction, and cost reduction.  Our specialties include kitting, packaging, assembly, warehousing and distribution.  We are a 501C3 (Not for Profit Organization) and by partnering with us companies add value to the community by providing labor hours for people who are blind.  Similar companies in our field include MRC Industries and Goodwill.  We do all of this with our up to date ISO 2015 Certification.