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Washington D.C. Champions: Misty

Our Public Policy Team recently went to Washington D.C. to champion the rights and needs of the blind community as well as attend the National Symposium.  In this series, we'll be hearing from the team on their efforts and the impact of the trip.  We start by highlighting Misty Stenberg, winner of the Milton J. Samuelson Career Achievement Award in 2017 and cover story of Opportunity Magazine Spring of 2016:  

What is your role at MidWest Enterprises  for the Blind?

My title is Administrative Assistant, but my job encompasses quite a bit more than my title may imply.  My job at MWEB is to assist Vicky Hickok, our Administrative Manager, provide quality customer service, provide IT solutions for our employees, and to advocate through Public Policy for people who are blind.

What was your role while you were in D.C.?

My role in D.C. was to represent MWEB and our employees as Public Policy Liaison.

What was your motivation while you were in D.C. and at the National Symposium?

I went to Washington D.C. to meet with our Congressional leaders and advocate for people who are blind.  The National Symposium provides vital training on current issues that affect the AbilityOne Program, associated agencies, and most importantly people who are blind or visually impaired. Meeting with our own Michigan members of Congress and their staffers was vital in our efforts to bring awareness to current issues, follow up on recent issues, and to build on our relationships with them.


What was most impactful for you while you were on the trip?

Working together as a team to bring awareness to current issues that are facing our agency (MWEB) and the people who work here.


What are you taking back to your role at MWEB because of your time in D.C.?  

I am taking the energy and the drive back to MWEB from the National Symposium and the people there. When we get together with other agencies, advocates, and the public policy team at NIB it really re-energizes me and reinforces the importance and impact of everything that we do to educate and bring awareness.


MidWest Enterprises for the Blind specializes in subcontracting, throughput reduction, lead time reduction, and cost reduction.  Our specialties include kitting, packaging, assembly, warehousing and distribution.  We are a 501C3 (Not for Profit Organization) and by partnering with us companies add value to the community by providing labor hours for people who are blind.  Similar companies in our field include MRC Industries and Goodwill.  We do all of this with our up to date ISO 2015 Certification.